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Policies and Procedures

  • CONSENT FORMS (See useful downloads)

Students MUST have a signed Swimming and Aquatics medical consent form, which is sighted by our instructors on site, to be able to participate in the aquatics activities.


Any child currently prescribed asthma medication must bring their own medication. Asthma care plan should be attached to this consent form

Standard first aid: Four puffs of reliever medication. Wait four minutes. If no relief, four more puffs, four minutes. If still no relief, call an ambulance (000).

Students with asthma may participate in swimming and aquatics programs provided they have access to required medication.

Under recent legislation, schools and sporting centres are able to purchase puffers for use with students with asthma. However, the administering of puffers purchased by schools and sporting centres may be carried out only by a person who has attended a training program and been issued with the appropriate certificate. All of our instructors have this qualification. Please note that spacers are single use only. Disposable spacers are available.

Students who exhibit breathing difficulties should cease participation in the activity and follow asthma management plan provided with Medical Consent Form.

In the absence of a management plan Standard DECD policy should be followed.


Students must wear a hat, sunsafe clothing and sunscreen in order to be sun safe.

It is vital that students bring drinking water to our programs.

 EPILEPSY:  It is mandatory for students with epilepsy to have 1:1 support. Please notify Instuructor in Charge as soon as possible so this can be arranged prior to the program.

MEDICATION: Students with medical conditions and care plans MUST bring their medication to the program so it can be available should the student require at all times during the aquatics programs.  







Useful Downloads