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What you must know

Please make yourself familiar with the information below to facilitate the success of the program.

  • Victor Harbor DE Aquatic Centre's programs are curriculum-based with learning outcomes that fit within the “Health and Physical Education” framework. Developmental records and student work packs are available at the completion of programs.
  • Victor Harbor Aquatics offers the following activities:- Sailing, kayaking, surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, snorkelling, fishing, swimming, beach awareness and surf safety, small boat handling, SACE programs and 'students with disabilities' aquatics.

***Students must have: Aquatic Consent / Medical Information Form signed and brought with groups. This is a legal requirement for participation in aquatics programs.***

  • Teacher's obligations include: 
  1. A class list medication summary sheet and all medication named - labelled.
  2. Responsibility for the general behaviour of the students and parents.
  3. Supervision of children at all times including change rooms/toilets.
  • Victor Harbor Aquatic Centre's sun smart policy is that all students participating in aquatics must have a HAT, LONG SLEEVED SHIRT & SUNSCREEN.
  • Aquatics can be a cold water activity. Please ensure students have a towel and appropriate warm clothing to change into between activities. Full length wetsuits are supplied to students for aquatic activities.
  • Due to the need to rehydrate in aquatic environments, please bring adequate water.
  • Due to extreme weather/wind conditions sometimes programs may require a shift to a more sheltered location. Contingency budgeting to allow for possible bus hire is recommended.
  • Programs/activities on your booking confirmation are a guide only. Due to daily weather conditions and staff availability, modification is sometimes necessary. While we do our best to fulfil activities programmed, we apologise for any inconvenience should changes occur. Please note:  If you choose to cancel a session and are accessing it as user-pays, you may incur the cost for that session.
  • Govt. School Students are only funded for one swimming or aquatic or surf safety program in any calendar year. Year 6 – 9 students are funded for 6 hours of Aquatics = 4 x 1.5 hour session. If more sessions are required by teachers, Govt. schools may trade other year levels access to programs or pay the “Swimming/Aquatic unit” the cost of instructors.  As of Term 1 2020, “User Pays” rate is $61 Govt. school and $69 Non Govt. School/User Pays. Non Govt. Schools can access aquatics via User Pays System which can be quoted by the I/C.

If this is unclear please contact me for more information.

Please confirm your next seasons aquatics booking at completion of program, otherwise your booking reverts to open.

Price structure: General Aquatics $3.50 + GST per student / 1½ hour session: SACE 12 hours - $18 + GST, 18 hours - $26 + GST.

Year 6 – 9 annual allocation of aquatics hours per student is 4 x 1.5 hr. sessions (6 hours) for a standard program which is $14 + GST = $15.40 per student.

For extra sessions over and above allocation a quote for additional expenses including instruction hours and equipment levy will be provided.

We are sure that, with these guidelines, your students will find their visits to Victor Harbor Aquatic Centre both enjoyable and beneficial.

If you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Shane Ellis- Mob: 0418 829 036 or email: vh.aquatics405@schools.sa.edu.au


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  • Breaking waves put skill levels to the test.

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