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* In the event of a thunderstorm the Bureau of Meteorology recommends the following procedure:

* When the thunder becomes easily audible the storm is within 15 to 28 kilometres.

* Depending on atmospheric and wind conditions the storm can arrive at your position in as little as 5 minutes

* As soon as thunder becomes easily audible, remove students from the water and immediately proceed to DRY GROUND. Seek shelter in a HARD TOP building or vehicle.

* Avoid small structures such as fabric tents, and single or small groups of trees.

* Do not touch or move close to metal structures such as fences or metal clotheslines

* If your hair stands on end or you hear buzzing from nearby rocks and fences, move to a new position immediately.

* Do not handle long or metallic objects in the open.

* If in the open away from shelter, crouch down, preferably in a hollow with feet together, and remove any metal objects from head and body. Do not lie down but avoid being the highest object in the vicinity.

* If boating, get ashore as soon as possible. If unsafe to do so, seek protection  beneath a high structure such as a bridge or jetty.

* Avoid the use of telephones if possible, because the telephone system can become highly charged. If an emergency call is necessary, be brief.